Timely easy Trimming Techniques

Understanding the reasons for tree trimming

In order to maintain the beauty and the health of your trees, apart from keeping safe from possible accidents when there is a storm or the wind blows hard, tree trimming is the first step to be taken and for that you need tree service colorado springs . However, no one wants to spend hours doing it, specially when you know there are techniques that can significantly accelerate the process.

Detecting the branch size

One of the keys of trimming trees properly is understanding that the diameter plays a key role in the time you are going to need. A branch which is up to 5 centimeters can be removed with simple tools and it will take no much time to do it.

However, it is essential to choose sharp and more profesional tools to remove branches which are up to ten and more than ten centimetres of diameter.

Choosing the wrong tool may lead to to spend twice as much time as if you had started with the right foot. read more information about tree trimming safety precautions at https://www.osha.gov/Publications/3301-10-05-english-06-27-2007.html

Timely easy Trimming Techniques

Choosing the right branches can make the difference

If you can choose which branches to trim because you are not doing a thorough trimming, it is always wise to trim the ones which have a V shape or that have narrow angles. Strong branches should be left in the tree in such cases since they are really difficult to be removed.

The importance of the age of the branch

Young branches are tender and, therefore, easy to trim. When you know the tree, choose to trim the brand new branches instead of those which have been there for a long time.

Learn how to make your trimming experience easier

The branch bark ridge: the cut should be done outside the branch collar, so then you can angle the cut downwards and away from the stem.

The three-cut technique: this tree pruning technique is ideal when the branch is too long. What you have to do is to is a notch on the part of the stem which is facing away from the branch. The following cut has to be done above the ridge of the brand and inside the its crotch. To finish with this technique it is necessary to make a cut which has to be parallel to the ridge of the branch bark, which will remove the stub.

The pole pruner: this tool will save you effort and time for it allows you to cut the highest branches without having to use a ladder and run all the risks it implies.

Keep your tools sharp: this tip regarding tree pruning can make the difference between a dreadful experience and a pleasant one. Besides, it is not only you who suffers when the blades cannot cut properly but the tree also does.

Defecting parts first: the first thing to do is to identify the main stem for later detect the branches. You may be tempted to start giving shape to the tree immediately, but before that you will need to eliminate the defecting branches to give the shape with the remaining ones.