Different Building Materials and Their Uses

Indeed, there are endless options for building materials that you can choose from when planning a construction project. However, each material usually has unique characteristics and qualities that make them either ideal or unsuitable for certain construction activities. Nevertheless, the following are the key building materials and their recommended uses. 

Concrete or Reinforced Concrete (RCC)

This is one of the most popular building materials for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Concrete, or its reinforced form called RCC, is used in many building tasks including the foundation whereby it is usually incorporated with steel. Concrete is also used in flooring as well as other interior and exterior structural works. 

Stones/ Mud Bricks 

Natural stone has continued to be a material of choice for various kinds of construction projects. Stone is available in different forms including granite and marble, which are highly durable, beautiful, and resilient. Mud bricks come from dried clay and, also quite sustainable. Stone and mud bricks are mainly used on columns, walls, floors, and interior structures. 

Steel and Aluminum 

Steel and aluminum are the most commonly used metals in construction. Apart from their immense strength, those metals are also sustainable with outstanding fire resistance properties. They are mainly used in structural parts that require reinforcements like the foundation, wall columns, staircases, doors, windows, and plumbing. 


Various types of wood are used in construction including teak, oak, pine and timber. Wood is stable, durable, and beautiful with great insulation properties. Woodworks in many areas such as the flooring, staircases, doors, ceilings, cabinets, garden, and interior finishes. 


Despite its fragility, glass is durable, insulating, and quite luxurious. As such, it works great both indoors and outdoors. Glass is mainly used in cladding, facades, partitions, doors, windows, and lighting. 

Generally, there are other building materials that you may also need when constructing a house. However, you should understand the qualities of each material and its applications to determine the most suitable building materials for your project.